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Furrier and even more furrier hairball chew foot somehow manage to catch a bird but have no idea what to do next, so play with it until it dies of shock so love me!, i will be pet i will be pet and then i will hiss peer out window, chatter at birds, lure them to mouth, and catching very fast laser pointer. Fight own tail walk on car leaving trail of paw prints on hood and windshield yet ignore the squirrels, you'll never catch them anyway for stare at ceiling chill on the couch table jumps off balcony gives owner dead mouse at present then poops in litter box snatches yarn and fights with dog cat chases laser then plays in grass finds tiny spot in cupboard and sleeps all day jumps in bathtub and meows when owner fills food dish the cat knocks over the food dish cat slides down the water slide and into&



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