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Ignatian Leadership is a leadership exercise based on Ignatian Spirituality. This leadership exercise helps participants to recognize and accept themselves and their potential as a gift and unlimited love of God. Driven by the boundless love of God, participants are enabled to love God again in themselves and in the universe. And love is made concrete in service. Therefore, Ignatian Leadership is none other than the leader of love and service. More than that, Ignatian Leadership helps participants to become more aware that leadership always begins with self-leadership, requires decision-making skills (discernment), and knowing which goals and means to aim for. This leadership exercise is held for four days and can be followed by students, universitiy students, and the general public. Participants can also submit the desired time. In terms of time, this will be adjusted to the Spiritual Directors' agenda. Therefore, if you want to specify another time, please go to "SERVICE" and click "NON PROGRAM" to coordinate further.

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