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Welcome to RPPS Klaten

The busyness in our daily life, whether in the study, family, workplace, community and many activities, often blinded us from the deeper meaning of life. In fact, busyness itself often makes us tired, sensitive, and reactive. The spirit feels dry and lonely as if walking in the desert alone. Without realizing it, life becomes stressful, frustrated, and even loses its meaning.

The heart needs an oasis, a spring that refreshes dryness and loneliness. Therefore, the RRPS Klaten, which has been present since 1968, is the right OASIS FOR THE HEART to answer this question.

RRPS Klaten as a Center for Ignatian Spirituality for the laity in Indonesia is open to all people of all generations, countries, and backgrounds. At the age of 52 years, as well as in the framework of the 50 years of the Jesuits Provindo and the Ignatian Year 2021-2022, RRPS Klaten together with all the Jesuits of the Indonesian Province want to serve and accompany more individuals and groups through the richness of Ignatian Spirituality.

Therefore, RRPS Klaten offers and organizes recollection programs, retreats, training, pilgrimages, and workshops on Ignatian Spirituality, especially for the laity. Some programs are given in Indonesian, English, or other languages, both offline or online. Congratulations on finding Oasis for your Heart at the RRPS Klaten.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

About Us


The Panti Semedi Klaten Retreat House provides four services, namely GENERAL PROGRAM, ONLINE PROGRAM, NON-PROGRAM, and MEETING ROOM. The entire program of recollections, retreats, training, pilgrimages, and workshops is based on Ignatian Spirituality, especially the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Ignatian spirituality is the right spirituality for the laity to face the challenges of this era.

Through the GENERAL PROGRAM, participants can choose the theme and time of the program offered. Whereas, for the retreat participants who are busy and do not have time to come to the RRPS, participants can choose ONLINE PROGRAMS. For those who don't available on the time offered, they can click NON PROGRAM and set the time by themselves. Likewise, for those who need a place for their religious activity, they have to choose the MEETING ROOM.

In order to have more laity, especially young people, to live the Ignatian Spirituality, we have also opened a DONATION program. This program is intended for those with financial constraints to join the RRPS Klaten program. We kindly knock on the hearts of honorable ladies and gentlemen to be generous in favor of supporting this program.

Have a nice vacation with God, and find a fresh heart at the RPPS Klaten.


The Panti Semedi Retreat House has facilities, as well as services to support the programs in the Semedi Panti Retreat House so that it runs at its maximum



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